Movers reviews, are they real?

When you are planning to move or relocate to another city, state or internationally, there are millions of things that keep you pre-occupied and all you want is to get over the move as quickly as possible and resettle.  And that is why the first thing that you start with is getting packers and movers to come over and pack your goods safely packed for transit.

Check the user reviews on moving companies

With the internet coming of age, the first thing that most people do is check the user review of movers and moving companies before selecting one for their move. But have you wondered whether the movers and moving company reviews are real or paid content?

Here are some tops to consider when you are reading the reviews to be able to distinguish the real user reviews online. Though you might be disregarding them initially but fact remains that most reviews are given by real users should be taken seriously. Whether the review is good or bad, you would actually come to know whether the snazzy website and low prices is a scam business or the less interesting moving service provides the best services.

Now to see if the movers review is real. Start with finding the most honest reviews regardless of whether they talk positive or negative about the business. The websites that display the positive and negative reviews are real and usually it is best to read the ones that have been placed on independent consumer sites.

Is the review real or fake?

With the star system available, most users rate the movers and moving companies accordingly while websites such as Yelp have helped get customers real reviews about a variety of businesses. If you already have a list of the shortlisted moving companies, it is best to check them against these reviews. You’ll know immediately whether the company has a good, fair or poor review which does reflect on the level of service that they provide.

It is best to take the moving company reviews seriously but don’t go on just the reviews when you select. Talk about the company with your friends and family, ask for references and even get a quote from the shortlisted company. Sometimes, over expecting and disgruntled customers in a fit of anger leave a more than poor review on the site, which can ultimately prove detrimental for the company.

But stay alert if more then 2-3 reviews point out the same shortcoming of the moving company such as late pickup or untimely late deliveries. These will be the companies with two or three star ratings especially if they have delivered damaged goods or lost a few packages. Thus, ensure you only select the company that consistently has good reviews. Though it might be better to pay a little more and have safe delivery of your goods than end up with thousands of dollars worth of damages to claim. We have consistently got the highest reviews from out customers and are counted among the top movers in the city. Call us today and let us help you make the move the best one.